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Road traffic accidents are now the 9th largest cause of deaths across the world, and if nothing happens to change current trends, it will become the 5th largest by 2030. Furthermore, the financial damage is also enormous, with between 1 and 3% of a nation’s GDP being spent on managing road traffic and dealing with the results of accidents.


In 2011 the United Nations-sponsored Decade of Action for Road Safety was launched to focus attention this challenge. But as governments seek to transform a difficult situation, they need effective and trusted partner with the experience and know-how to make a measurable difference.

Safety for road users and efficiency for road management


Atos has a proven track record in enabling better performance of road safety management: our Traffic Offence Processing Centre (Traffic OPC) is proven to systematically process offences within a few days, with full legal compliance. This results in a virtuous circle in which acceptation and respect towards a highly efficient enforcement scheme, creates a psychological impact on drivers to change their behavior for the better. It also enables governments to achieve their national road safety objectives, contributing to:


  • Improve the performance of road safety management
  • Foster a change for the better in road user behaviour

Our integrated, end-to-end solution is backed by guaranteed quality standards, with minimal need for input from government bodies. This makes it relevant for regions and countries where investment in very large-scale infrastructure is not practically possible as well as places where a strong national wide solution is required.


Atos Automated Offence Processing Centre 

The benefits of the Offence Processing Centre are:


  • Processing all the offences, within a few days, and in legal compliance
  • The scheme efficiency maximizes the psychological impact onto the motorists
  • The financial balance is excellent, since all the necessary fines are sent to the offenders, and the operational costs are reduced as it is an industrial process
  • Its high automation also generates revenues that could be re-invested in other traffic safety projects.

Your trusted partner to achieve your goals


Atos serves central and local government clients across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Together, we already manage the European Commission communications infrastructure, handling 600 million secure messages a year. We provide the IT for the German Ministry of Labour, and are program leaders for STORK, the EU project that enables citizens and companies from 16 countries to open for business and access services by using any one of 110 different ID systems for open access in any participating country.

Atos has also a strong track record for Traffic OPC solutions in Argentina, France, Germany and Spain with more than 30 million processed cases and 19 million issued fines on average each year.

Make the first move by contacting us and take the road to success!

Kontakt os

Vincent Moreau
Global Offering Manager

Solution Benefits

  • Integrated into the domestic administration landscape
  • Customizable to meet your specific requirements
  • Highly secured and compliant
  • Seamless efficient digital process
  • consumer cloud messaging

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Atos Traffic Offence Processing Centre

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