In 2011, 7% of consumer content was stored in the cloud, which will grow to 36% in 2016, driven by the need to share content and access it on multiple devices (Gartner Forecast: Consumer Digital Storage Needs, 2010-2016). More and more, people expect to have a secured and seamless experience with their digital personal content, using over-the-top services (Facebook, Google, drop box…) to store, share, and access its data: pictures, music, video etc… This generates significant growth opportunities for over-the-top (OTT) telcos operators that can differentiate from the crowd commoditized and low cost value proposition by providing added value cloud messaging services.

Today, Atos brings the operators the ability to change the game to move from old ways “pipeline” to “service provider” and to create value by matching consumer habits and expectations.


Atos support this move, by offeringcomprehensive and massive Storage facilities as well as Telecommunication services to telecom operators so they can build their B2C cloud for their end-users.
With our Consumer Cloud & Messaging Offering, Telecom Operators can provide their consumers an attractive cloud experience, with a flexible and scalable solution, able to manage huge volume of datas, interconnected to operators legacy systems to provide any time, in one single solution, the access to all the contents: emails, SMS, MMS voice mails and all the digital content the user is willing to store in its private space.

Consumer Cloud & Messaging

Why choose Atos?


Instead of giving your customers cloud services, Atos Proposition is to build your own cloud services and to give your customers control over their data. Starting from your existing services (messaging…) and taking advantage of your customer intimacy and trust, you can deliver simplicity consumers desire by acting as a broker and gateway to multiple cloud services. And then increase revenue, profile and loyalty.


To reach that level of services, you can rely on Atos’ doubled expertise and capabilities across telecommunications core and support processes. We have 9,000 professionals in Telecommunications Media and Technology, delivering sector-specific solutions for the enterprise, consumer and wholesale markets. Over 220 telecommunications companies, including Tier 1 carriers and service providers, already trusted us.


It is time to write your consumer cloud story, and to take benefits from the services operated upon your own network.


The opportunity is now, and you should expect to build the business case and implement initial commercial pilots in no more than a couple of months.

Kontakt os

Guillaume Imbert
Consumer Cloud & Messaging Global Offering Manager
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