Foundation & Transformation

Global Networks and Communications: reliable, flexible and scaleable

As globalization proceeds, modern communication networks have one goal in common: They have to integrate a wide array of devices and applications and ensure inter-connectability across platforms and infrastructures. In order to achieve this goal you will require a highly scalable and flexible network infrastructure. It should enable you to respond in a dynamical and cost-effective way to everyday resource demands – however unpredictable they may be. The business technologists from Atos will leverage your network and communications potential with Foundation and Transformation components for Network and Communications.

Transform for mobility


In many cases, transforming the enterprise network is not optional, it is imperative. This is the case when systems break down; your network cannot support some of the latest technologies or becomes terribly expensive to keep up. Especially mobility requirements as well as opportunities have grown in many companies over the last few years. However, network and communications architectures did not always evolve at the same pace.

With our Foundation and Transformation components we provide consulting services to investigate and analyze your business needs. Depending on the analysis, we propose the replacement of a customer’s existing network infrastructure with a more appropriate alternative which is either managed by Atos or by the customer.

Among others you will benefit from a three phases transformation strategy: at first, new network infrastructures and services have to be designed to enhance the network performance. Secondly, we analyze the gap between your current and your future network. In the next step we will design blueprints for the future network solution.

In the end, you will profit from a stable, reliable, cost-effective and manageable network environment that is in line with your business and technical needs. We will build your future network for example with Network & Communication Transformation Services and IPAM Service.

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