Agile Platforms

Flexible, scalable, reliable – agile platform solutions from Atos

Storage, server, network functionality or even software development environments, it seems you can move almost everything from your data center to the cloud. With the 'Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)' provision model now becoming widely accepted by organizations of all industries, Atos offers a virtual 'on-demand' hosting environment with a pay-per-use model for IT resources as there are for example CPU, storage or bandwidth.


Our Agile Platform services give your company the opportunity to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We deliver an optimized and flexible ICT infrastructure and you benefit from improved resource utilization, faster provisioning and better business and cost transparency.

Suitable platforms for any enterprise


Establishing a flexible and responsive infrastructure throughout an organization and managing it in a cost effective way is a major challenge. Our Agile Platform solutions and on-demand capabilities based on virtualized computing resources provide a scalable and reliable platform for your enterprise.


If you want to boost the profitability of your IT environment, you can leverage your infrastructure with the Atos Agile Platforms approach. If you’re looking for a sound framework for anything from consulting through to delivery models and various on-demand and pay-per-use services, look no further. As for integration and aggregation capabilities that are solidly founded in a flexible, scalable and reliable cloud-based agile infrastructure, the business technologists from Atos deliver it all from one hand.


AIX on Demand, AIX Power capacity aligned with your business demand

Atos AIX on Demand provides you with a flexible and scalable IBM Power infrastructure platform aligned with your business needs in a ‘pay-per-use’ tariff model. Infrastructure capacity can be adapted on demand - both up and down - based on a rapid process with predictable variable cost.

There is no need for hardware investments and project costs normally associated with infrastructure upgrades. In terms of business availability, AIX on Demand outperforms any solution in the market.

Atos AIX on Demand comes in two models:

  • Atos-Managed
    All inclusive, fully Atos managed AIX Power capacity. Based on your business requirements, capacity is instantly adapted by Atos staff.
  • Self-Managed
    Fully customer managed AIX Power capacity. An easy to use portal allows you to deploy, start, stop, modify and remove capacity instantly on your own initiative.

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