Data Center Infrastructure management (DCIM)

Leverage data center information to achieve greater energy and capacity efficiency

Nobody likes to manage based on assumptions rather than facts, certainly not CIOs. And certainly not in an economic climate where every resource and cost has to be accurately accounted for and exploited to its maximum. A proper Data Center Infrastructure Management tool can offer potential ongoing savings of 20%, on top of the operational benefits that can be delivered through more-rigorous management of the physical data center environment


Here Atos and Siemens have entered into a strategic partnership to offer a full portfolio of integrated Data Center Services. Siemens has a long-established and comprehensive offering in the area of Data Center Building Systems. As part of the new partnership approach, Siemens will continue to contribute in developing the scope of the new data center services jointly with Atos, being closely involved in the development phase, especially with regard to the integration with the Building Systems. The result is a unique offering from two market and thought leaders in this field, Atos and Siemens, that combines Atos’ proven systems performance management capabilities with Siemens global expertise in Data Center Building Systems.


Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution from Atos and Siemens is essentially a virtual integration layer between a data center’s IT layer and its physical layer. The DCIM services connect the various components and allow end to end management of data centers by connecting IT management into energy, cooling and facility management. This allows you to create a complete and transparent view of your data center and so drive greater energy and capacity efficiency.


DCIM Solution from Atos and Siemens is an end to end offering covering strategy, design, implementation, run and assessment that enables data center managers to have a holistic view of their entire data center.


Implementing DCIM enables:


  • Energy Saving – Reducing infrastructure and power costs through complete, real-time reporting on all datacenter variables
  • Compliance, Risk management – Increase operational transparency leading to informed decisions on changes using scenario-planning based on real-time data
  • Improve availability – Forward capacity planning using historic data and scenario planning
  • Accurate (sub)billing for DC costs – Endto- end billing of capacity utilization per end-customer
  • CAPEX reduction – Better utilization of resources leading to lower Capex
  • Demonstrable environmental responsibility – through a lower CO2 footprint
  • Better recovery from disaster – Prevent IT failure through correlations between IT, energy and cooling systems behavior

DCIM enables you to smarter decisions, optimized efficiencies, higher flexibility with less risks in a proven technology, future-proof architecture.


The result is a unique and complete offering from two market leaders , Atos and Siemens, that combines Atos’ proven systems performance management capabilities with Siemens global expertise in Data Center Building Automation and Control Systems.

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