DirX Identity

Identity Management and Governance


The way enterprises and organizations approach Identity Management has changed substantially in the past two years. Traditionally, IT departments have deployed Identity Management to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Today, centralized Identity Management is a core element of an enterprise’s security and risk management strategy. Managing and securing business processes require the consistent administration of users, roles and entitlements across applications and in business partner networks. Moreover, it is acknowledged that the management, review and audit of identities (Access Governance) are mandatory parts of corporate governance.


DirX Identity provides a comprehensive, process-driven, customizable, cloud-ready, scalable and highly-available identity management solution for enterprises and organizations. It delivers overall identity and access governance functionality seamlessly integrated with automated provisioning. Features include life-cycle management for users and roles, cross-platform and rule-based provisioning in real-time, Web-based user self-service and delegated administration, request workflows, access certification, password management, metadirectory and auditing and reporting.


DirX Identity gives the right people the right access to the right resources at the right time and thus leads to improved productivity, cost control and information security. It also supports conformance with legislation and internal policies (compliance).

The benefits of DirX Identity


  • DirX Identity delivers unique flexibility for cost-effective automated administration of users and entitlements via its combination of role and rule based management.
  • DirX Identity’s integrated role lifecycle management avoids additional integration costs and speeds up deployments.
  • DirX Identity helps reduce complexity and managing risks through its sophisticated role management capabilities (RBAC, role hierarchies, context-based role assignments and SoD controls)
  • DirX Identity supports the ongoing management processes for risk management and compliance initiatives.
  • DirX Identity supports quick and easy adaption of Identity Management processes to customer requirements.
  • DirX Identity’s workflow Web services provide for seamless integration with IT Service Management (ITSM).
  • DirX Identity’s comprehensive integration with SAP systems allows managing ERP and IT systems centrally and consistently.
  • DirX Identity’s rich set of connectors and interfaces provide for managing heterogeneous environments and allow for integration in horizontal and vertical solutions (PLM, healthcare, physical access, smartcards, unified communications, etc.).
  • DirX Identity has excellent data management capabilities to cleanse, consolidate and keep identities up-to-date.

As well, with its high-availability and scalability options, DirX Identity delivers continuous and resilient services for business critical deployments.

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