Biometric Authentication

Secure – Convenient – Efficient


With globally recognized security solutions and many years of experience in the field of biometrics, the business technologists from Atos are singularly equipped to roll out complex and integrated authentication and identification solutions. Deep industry insight enables our biometrics experts to design authentication and control mechanisms for high-security business applications and national security bodies. Atos Biometrics combines leading edge technology with innovative authentication solutions to solve real-world problems for our clients, such as we did for the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God.
Our passion is to help you to establish strong and stable mechanisms that protect your core IP and people while at the same time providing you the competitive advantage of our products in your business.


Strong authentication


Strong authentication

Strong Authentication for the enterprise


Our own bodies offer the most convenient way of identifying ourselves beyond any reasonable doubt. Biometrics enables rapid, secure access to portals, applications and systems. With biometrics, authentication is automated and can be seamlessly integrated into IT workflows.
For example, biometric authentication facilitates rapid switching of sessions at client workstation among multiple users (e.g. in hospitals, banks or industrial production sites and at critical infrastructure providers). This saves not only hardware costs but, for hospitals, critical seconds in emergency situations while also ensuring compliance to healthcare regulations.

Electronic ID and border control


Biometric identity documents are a global world standard in the making. ICAO (The International Civil Aviation Organization) has mandated that all passports in circulation after 24/11/2015 are to be MRPs (Machine Readable Passports). (were 2 periods here) Because electronic ID’s are highly tamper-resistant, checkpoint and border screening makes it possible to validate whether an ID document holder is the rightful owner of the document.
Today, Atos is supplying countries such as Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Austria with e-ID cards and other biometric solutions.

Automated Border Control


Automated Border Control

Biometric identity documents


Biometry identity

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