Business Intelligence

Redesigning the data landscape to deliver true business intelligence

The changing face of data complexity
The storage, retrieval and management of data has driven the IT strategy of many businesses for years, with investment in data warehouses, business intelligence solutions and sophisticated analytical tools helping organizations to extract the knowledge needed to make faster, more informed and consequently better decisions. But, as the complexity and volume of information that flows in and out of every business continues to grow, will these systems be able to cope?

Structured methodology for greater insight

Business intelligence is no longer about simply delivering the storage and processing power to handle increasingly large volumes of data. The technology needs to be powerful but also more subtle in the handling of the various streams of information held within the system, with the results interpreted more effectively to deliver the best outcome for the business.

Hidden value: seeing beneath the surface

Data alone is worthless. It is only when you can see the connections, analyze relationships and determine the meaning within each item or set that it becomes valuable. For example, the use of geographical information has become a part of everyday life for most people, with thousands of smartphone applications making effective use of location-based services.

At Atos, we expand the horizon of business intelligence


As business technologists we apply our detailed knowledge in every sector in which we operate, focusing first on business advantage backed by our technology leadership to support sound business decisions.
With more than 15 years’ experience in developing market-specific solutions we have optimized our BI offerings to deliver the most effective results for the needs of your business within the specific context of your industry. Advantages of our approach:


  • Worldwide BI capacity with near and offshore capabilities
  • Expertise in very large data volumes
  • Partnership with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM and SAS
  • Consolidation and migration skills within our BI team
  • Consulting of analytical aspects and physical aspects
  • Proven methods and tools for implementing complex solutions
  • Geographical information skills aligned with BI.

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