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Enterprise Content Management is something that can help many organizations who have plenty of precious information, but the data is scattered over different departments and locations and thus difficult to find. As data is distributed via documents, emails, videos and/or web pages, retrieving and managing the knowledge required becomes a major challenge.


Therefore it is necessary to eliminate paper from business critical workflows, to minimize civil liabilities, to centralize the data repository and to optimize information and collaboration processes.


Through customized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, we enable you to cover the full content lifecycle, from creation to delivery and archiving of structured and unstructured information. Furthermore, we offer you pre-packaged solutions such as:


  • Document Management and Archiving
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Management
  • Case Management and Process Handling
  • ECM Consolidation and Harmonization

Our solutions make information available and easily accessible in order to support you in reaching your business goals. As a result, you can achieve significant cost reductions: for example transaction costs and the duration of processes can be reduced by 50 percent. Routine activities take at least 25 percent less time than before.


But ECM is not only about cost reduction. It is also about enabling your employees to collaborate efficiently and share knowledge across the entire organization and beyond, to collaborate with partners and clients.


Therefore we also provide ECM solutions which also take into account social community channels and help our clients to meet their sector’s compliancy regulations.


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