Embedded Software Solutions

Embedded software is almost omnipresent nowadays

Due to their domain-independent characteristics there is a broad range of potential markets for embedded systems and embedded software. Cars are but one example of a product that has a true plethora of embedded devices these days. The same applies for almost any equipment produced by and used in production lines throughout all economic segments.

This implies that industrial firms are increasingly required to implement complex and high-performance systems within ever shorter time frames. Moreover, enhanced intelligence and interconnection of nearly all kinds of technological equipment demand ever more powerful embedded components.

The Business Integration Solutions of Atos provide technology and domain expertise for embedded solutions developed over many years and built on our experience in different sectors. Our knowledge in embedded software development combined with our business process expertise enables us to respond fully and to the functional and technical requirements of our customers.

The core elements of our offerings are Embedded Device Solutions and Telematic Services. Rely on us for full end-to-end delivery along the value chain of embedded system design. This comprises all necessary steps for a holistic solution embracing first requirement engineering rollout as well as maintenance in the field.

Our experienced and certified project and quality managers support you during the whole value chain of embedded and telematics projects and strive to meet and exceed your business’ needs at any time.

If you want reliable technology expertise combined with true business savvy, rely on our business technologists to design and deliver the software that makes your products stand out as best in your business.

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