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Whether up in the cloud or firmly rooted in the data center, the smooth transformation of application operations is a prerequisite for successful business development.

However, IT Transformation is not only about incremental improvements. Usually it is a business imperative – for instance in the context of mergers and acquisitions – which demands fast process transformation and therefore application transformation.

IT innovation itself increasingly drives business change such as in the cloud. In any case IT must make sound decisions about what to do with its company's applications. Atos’ Foundation & Transformation solutions for Application Operations enable enterprises to better understand their application operations needs and help to decide what to keep, change or retire.

Build a foundation for application transformation


The biggest challenge IT managers face today is how to manage their IT investments to create more business value. As part of the IT management process, you have to align and adapt your company's IT systems to meet current operational needs, to reduce maintenance and support costs, and to establish the right infrastructure for future business demands.

In that context you may have ideas in mind for building up a hybrid IT infrastructure with on-premise applications on the one hand and cloud solutions on the other hand. If you decide for example to move applications to the cloud you have to build a solid foundation by considering the application operations and support. This should be the first step in your transformation journey.

Our Foundation and Transformation offering for Application Operations comprises:

  • Application Transformation Services: These services consists of a variety of professional services transforming a customer’s application landscape to provide improved performance, reduced cost, increased functionality or all three. The services may end once implemented, or may continue as part of a formal outsource. Key elements of this offering are application virtualization, SOA center of excellence, disaster recovery virtualization, data centre optimisation. Atos has significant market expertise which underpins the expertise in the technologies being implemented to ensure a complete understanding of the customer business objectives are achieved before and during the transformation.

  • Workload Automation: Workload Automation covers the integral management of customer’s batch environment. It plans, documents and fully automates the execution of the batch processes on all platforms.
    • Cost reduction
    • Take advantage of Atos’ economy of scale
    • Advanced scheduling tooling for planning, tracking and error recovery included
    • Standard housekeeping set (backups, cleaning etc.) included
    • Seamlessly fits to other Atos services
    • Easy adapts to business changes

With the Foundation and Transformation components of Atos Application Operations offerings you can accelerate migration processes. And you will get a good overview regarding the workloads across all of your systems – whether they are on premise or up in the cloud.

Consequently, your applications will run smoothly and efficiently while we assist you in continuously aligning them with the latest technology developments.

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