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Atos: delivering innovation in retail

The retail and consumer goods industry is a strategic market for Atos, representing 9% of total group revenues. We are not only a technical partner but also a business partner who understands market-specific challenges, and can therefore enable retailers and consumers to capitalize on digital ecosystems. Innovation is is our company’s DNA. Our research and strong culture of innovation enables us to continuously look for new ways of adapting our capabilities and software solutions to anticipate the future needs of our clients.


How to transform your retail business








Application management

Application Management is the key to unlocking the value of the investments in your applications

For many years, global Application Management service providers have been focusing on a “one size fits all” approach, where the answer is to always standardize, industrialize and globalize service delivery for the lowest possible price. Instead, Atos recognizes that each client requires an approach tailored to meet their business and IT objectives, delivering the promise of both cost reduction and added business value.

Through our Business-enabling Application Management (BeAM) services we help retail companies change their application landscape into a rationalized and modernized structure; leveraging the cloud to enable rapid business improvement; managing and optimizing their vital business processes.

Application Monitoring

Atos has launched an Application Monitoring solution called 'The bridge', which takes IT operations to a new level, moving from a reactive to a proactive approach. From The Bridge, Atos can monitor all systems and easily see what business processes are affected in case of a failure to make the total environment more stable.The Bridge control centers are proven to bring a new level of proactive service support, cutting the number of incidents, reducing resource hours and ultimately improving user / customer experience and satisfaction. Click here to view The Bridge business map

Maximizing business value with Right-Fit Application Management for SAP

Businesses today need to extract value from every aspect of their operations and
infrastructure – and that includes their IT. To do this, organizations are increasingly relying on their business applications to help balance cost reduction and revenue growth, enable them to cope with shifts and trends in customer demand, global competition, sustainability and statutory compliance. Managing your applications, therefore, is becoming not just a functional necessity, but a vital aspect of business success, continuity, innovation, and growth. Right-Fit Application Management for SAP from Atos can provide the answer you need to gain real value from your application landscape. Read more........


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