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Atos enables its manufacturers to integrate technology and infrastructure across its diverse regions and branches with global support ensuring - no gaps and no delays

For maximum plant efficiency, networks of plants need to be treated as exactly that – a single, connected entity that can be orchestrated as one. Faciities are no longer fixed and silo-driven but flowing with intelligence, adaptability and the ability to dynamically reconfigure. Discover how we have assisted global manufactures in;



Availability, performance, security – Networks make sure the lifeline of the modern distributed enterprise is there for you when you need it

Atos combines not only longstanding IT and communication expertise but also brings the necessary independent understanding for your specific business and industry needs to raise network availability, performance and security at every level. We provide:


  • An objective view on the existing network infrastructure
  • A solid business foundation for planning the future network environment
  • The strategy for an efficient and effective transformation path to address all your existing and future business networking requirements

We help you to ensure everything works smoothly for your users at the frontend – wherever they may be.


Whether it is the convergence of fixed networks and mobile telephony, real-time communication, the consumerization of IT or the integration of social networking –modern communication networks have one challenge in common: they have to bring together a wide and ever changing array of devices, infrastructures and applications.

Highly scalable, flexible network infrastructures help companies to respond in a dynamic and cost-effective way to everyday resource demands. Moreover, convergence across devices, applications and network access channels is simultaneously opening numerous new opportunities – IP telephony, unified messaging or multimedia services to name just a few.


Staying ahead in a dynamic world

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Atos provides global network implementation and support solutions to world-class organizations, delivered with unrivalled agility and service excellence.

Manufacturers have always had to tackle the core challenges of supply, operations, innovation and changing customer demand. But now collaborative manufacturing, mass-customization and long-term sustainability demand a reappraisal of industry fundamentals.

Atos is the leading provider of professional services to manufacturing and natural resources in Western Europe, and a major player worldwide. We have specialist experience spanning many sub-sectors of discrete, process and consumer packaged goods.

We are experienced in the mission critical domains of manufacturing operations excellence; product and service innovation; global supply chain management; and in customer loyalty and brand equity.

As a global company, we are positioned to support our manufacturing client’s right across their increasingly globalized operations.

We have a particularly strong focus on Manufacturing Execution Systems and on Product Lifecycle Management with our Programs such as Maximizing Manufacturing Together (MMT) and Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (MII). In these specialties we combine attention to detail with a desire to help manufacturers identify and impose best-practice across their value chains.

In addition to our industry-specific expertise in manufacturing systems, we also deliver on foundation IT, helping drive out cost and increase performance

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