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Transparency and openness will build our trust in Cloud…

Trust is a major issue for cloud customers and providers today. Information revelations have made many people question who has control over and access to their data, and raised issues of trust about cloud environments in particular. A key element in building cloud confidence is down to providers. The industry has to operate by standards that are open and verifiable, and it has to be seen to do so. read more

Should I put my trust in the cloud?

Concern over data security was intensified by information revelations last year. That made people question who has control over and access to their data, and raised particular issues of trust about cloud environments in general. read more


Trust and transparency are cloud critical…and Europe’s got the message

Information leaks have sent shock waves through Governments in recent years, and seriously undermined trust in data security.

Cloud environments are under particular scrutiny – especially amongst people who fear ‘giving away control’ of company or personal data to cloud providers. “If one does not trust cloud, one will never step into cloud,” is the blunt warning to the industry from former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes. read more


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