Futurologists debate the future of technology in sport in the launch of Atos' Ascent vision document: a vision for sport and technology

Ascent. a vision for sport and technologyDuring the Olympic Games of London 2012, Atos unveiled a dramatic vision for the future of the sport industry in 2020 with the launch of the Digital Edition of the ascent thought leadership program. This sets out how technology will radically change the sporting experience of athletes, viewers at home, fans in the stadium and events organizers by 2020.

Amongst the many controversial predictions made by the expert authors, was a forecast that by 2020, event organizers could stage events where athletes compete in the same race yet are located in different countries. Each athlete could run in his or her own city, and yet they could appear together as holograms in the same race. They also predicted that:

  • Viewers at home will be able to control the way they view the sport as they can watch the action through the eyes of their chosen athlete.
  • Fans in the stadium will get a front view from every seat with a second screen that can switch view to pitch side wherever you are in the stadium.
  • Athletes will change tactics in-flight to take the winning position with smart clothing that will make use of real-time information available to them and their coach.

Produced as a special edition magazine for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, ascent at London 2012: a vision for sport and technology is a unique thought leadership study that provides a pan-industry view of the emerging technology trends that are driving innovation in sport.

The study is designed to help the International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and every business involved in the sport’s industry make key strategic decisions about their business and anticipate the challenges created by new technologies, now and in the future.

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1 billion people sharing London 2012 content via social media

1 billion people sharing London 2012 content via social media. This is set to increase 3000% by 2020 according to the ascent report from Atos on a vision for sport and technology.

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