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Invitation to roundtable session

As security professionals struggle with how to keep up with non-stop threats from every angle, a 10+ year old technology, data loss prevention (DLP) is hot again. A number of macro trends are driving the wider adoption of DLP. The dramatic increase in big breaches, coupled with factors such as DLP as a service, DLP functionality extending into the cloud and advanced threat protection have put DLP back into the limelight. In addition, regulatory requirements such as the GDPR and the ever-present need for organizations’ to protect their critical assets and sensitive data are causing IT professionals to rethink their current data protection strategies. This presentation will provide insights into the key trends that are driving demand for data loss prevention, as well as provide helpful tips for choosing the right data protection model for end-users. Atos and Digital Guardian’s specialists, invite you to a morning Roundtable session on Data Loss Prevention.

When: November 22nd 2016, from 9:00–12:00
Where: Atos IT Solutions & Services A/S on Dybendalsvænget 3, 2630 Taastrup, Denmark.

On this half day event we will provide insights into the key trends that are driving demand for data loss prevention, as well as demonstrate how Digital Guardian automatically identifies, classifies, and tracks sensitive data from the moment it is created, modified, or transmitted.

At the Roundtable session we will discuss the topics below:

08:30  Registration and refreshments
09:00 Torben Krog, Atos
            Welcome and introduction
            ▶ Going from theory to practice
09:15 Shaun Binfield, Digital Guardian
            The Resurgence of DLP - Why is DLP hot again?
            ▶ How DLP has evolved
            ▶ The trends and factors that are making DLP a security spending priority
            ▶ Growth on Data Protection is anticipated by Industry Analysts
            ▶ Digital Guardian Overview – Next Generation Data Protection Platform
10:15  Tea & Coffee break
10:30  Yvonne Pels, Atos
            Call for Action
            ▶ GDPR in Holland – our experience so far
            ▶Health Check in the light of GDPR
            ▶Examples (or An example) from the Connected Environment
11:15  Roundtable discussion
12:00  Lunch
12:45 - Consultant 1:1 meetings (upon request)

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