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Atos HPC solutions by Bull

Bull unlock your innovation

Innovation at your fingertips

Innovation at your fingertips

Extreme data management

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Creating a biodigital world, together

Atos is ready to deliver the responsible bioinnovation, ongoing solutions, services and technology, global support and digital transformation that biotech companies need today.


  • Atos delivers key services, solutions and technology to support products, customers and business processes within the biotech industry, including applications development, technology integration and innovation programs.
  • We have the global capacity, solution understanding, digital resources and integration abilities that make us the perfect digital transformation partner for biotech companies. We will deliver the new solutions and services that will create and maintain your digital value chain.  
  • Together, we will drive the digital transformation that will make you more responsive, innovative and responsible now and in the future. Together, we will partner with clients to create the ‘biodigital world’ that will secure your business and drive your advantage.


Our capabilities

  • HPC Cloud Services
    We deliver public, private and hybrid cloud solutions that enables organizations to;
    - Externalize or burst cloud HPC infrastructure
    - Manage HPC workload remotely
    - Experience professional 3D virtual desktop

  • Bull solutions for extreme computing
    - We deliver a complete range of hardware solutions. Read more here.

  • Application Performance
    Atos unlocks the application performance thanks to:
    - A real expertise in the different application fields
    - A proven ability to fully leverage the HPC environment
    - Benchmarking facilities.

  • Data centers
    Atos ensures the right expertise and service:
    - Turn-key HPC datacenters
    - TCO Optimization
    - Consulting services
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Extreme computing
Enabling a world class research capability

HPC as a service

with Bull extreme factory solutions

HPC as a service
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Kontakt os

Kristian Borup
Client executive

HPC Cloud

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Live innovation to the fullest

Live innovation to the fullest
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